Pakistan: The Future of The Republic

Ramish Kamal Syed : 12/09/2017
As a nation-state, the unorganized mess that is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan appears to be that type of socio-political anomaly that the world would have never witnessed come about if not for extraordinary circumstances shaped by individuals of extraordinary significance. Thus on the fateful morning of the 15th August 1947 the conglomerating mass of subjugated people’s known as “British India” was abandoned by the once domineering thumb of London and partitioned across religious lines much to the delight and overwhelming joy of many and the utter disappoint and the heart breaking anguish of others.
Since that momentous occasion, the nation has journeyed a capricious and unforgiving odyssey over the past 70 or so years. We witnessed the country split in two, regime changes in quick succession, multiple coups, several wars and even today we are entrenched in a bitter war of insurgency against an enemy(s) with whom no peace can be made and no quarter can be given or expected. Indeed if there was ever a moment in our short history where the full force and absolute unity of the people of the Pakistani Republic were paramount to national survival, it is now! More than ever this is required and it is the armed forces of the nation that must deliver absolute victory at any cost.
Dominated by an anachronistic feudal elite whose likeness in other parts of the world have long since gone extinct, relegated to the history museum as a spectacle with no living relative; controlled by traditional tribal chieftains holding hereditary titles and petty royalty in many of the less developed areas of the country coupled with rampant poverty, overpopulation and a somewhat volatile economy in the major cities. It is perhaps difficult to believe that such a nation has managed to exist within the twenty-first century and yet contrary to the whims and wishes of those who seek our destruction, Pakistan remains an important and powerful player in its region and an undeniably visible entity on the political map of the world.
However, it is the future of our nation that remains in bitter uncertainty and conjectural probability. There is hardly anyone in Pakistan, no matter how uneducated or politically illiterate who cannot recognize that the country has not been at a basic state of normalcy for far too long, and that there is absolutely no guarantee what the state of affairs of will be within the next few decades; will the state collapse? Will there be a popular revolution? Will we descend into civil war? Will the extremists overrun government or defeat the military? Will dictatorship rein in once more or will the traditional elite continue their dominance via our flawed democracy?
This sense of urgency is neither unjustified nor an exaggeration of the dire circumstance which we are undoubtedly facing. As of this moment, there is no direction that we cannot turn to, there is no path we cannot traverse, and there is no destination beyond our reach. This country can go from transforming into an economic and political titan of unimaginable prosperity, or cascade into such a state of disarray and general catastrophe which the Earth has witnessed previously.
It is for these reasons and much more, that you the Pakistani of whatever origins reading this needs to be made perfectly aware of your signature to the future of our nation, our Republic and our people. There is no person within the confines of our borders who does not contribute to our future. Rise my country men! Rise and strive in the name of the Republic to bring prosperity to the nation, uphold what it virtuous, submit to the law and permit not acts of barbarous cruelty guided by mass hysteria. May love for the country dominate your intentions, ambition shape your goals, and virtue your actions. Else, we may find ourselves in a world of unrecognizable ordeal…

Featured Image Credit: qimono via Pixabay

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