I Supported Donald Trump as A Devout Muslim Living in Pakistan

Ramish Kamal Syed : 22/09/2017
Donald J. Trump is, undoubtedly, the single most controversial individual in the world right now. Accused of sexism, misogyny, racism, and anti-Muslim bigotry to name a few, to many he is, not unjustifiably, an avatar that represents everything that is wrong in contemporary American society. However, to his more hesitant supporters, what he was not in appearance, at least during his campaign, was a delusional war-monger like Hillary Clinton. However, to those at the opposite spectrum of political thought, he is no less than a messiah who will bring salvation to the United States; if not the world by single-handedly destroying ISIS, then by putting an end to the refugee crisis and reviving free speech in direct opposition to the phenomenon of social justice, along with the despised censorship it brought it in the name of “preventing offense”. Admittedly, I did not ever hold faith in this propaganda nonsense. Now, for an individual who identifies as both, a devout religiously obedient Muslim, and a Pakistani nationalist, it may seem absolutely absurd and irreconcilably nonsensical that I would intentionally, in any conceivable way, root for Donald Trump in the 2016 US National election. This is a man who has proudly exclaimed the following: “Donald J. Trump is calling for a complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” And yet I did wholeheartedly wish for Donald Trump to win over Hillary, but not because of any bizarre sense of self-hatred or deplorable contempt towards people of my own background or religious or national affiliation. I hoped that Donald Trump would win the election over Hillary only because the potential consequences of Hillary winning terrified me to no end. The real gripe I, and many others, had with a Hillary presidency while sitting all the way in a south Asian country was that Hillary’s proposed foreign policy was so menacingly ludicrous that it frightens anyone who has even a basic understanding of global politics and the power of the modern military. Hilary Clinton’s proposed “no-fly zone” over Syria would not only require massive sums of money and military resources, including at least 70,000 troops on the ground in Syria to enforce according to many military experts, but would almost certainly risk a full-blown US-Russian conflict that would be no less than a third world war in its magnitude. The fragile nation of Syria is already trapped in a bitter civil war between the dictatorship in Damascus and various rebel groups, including ISIS. In addition to these issues, multiple foreign armies are also operating within Syria: the most important of which are militaries of Iran, Russia, and the US. And if Washington ever attempted to establish the no-fly zone over Syria, it will be an act of war against Damascus, and, no doubt, Tehran, Moscow, and perhaps maybe even Beijing would fully back the Syrian regime militarily against what they perceive as “American Imperialism.” The consequence of this catastrophic clash of powers will be nothing less than another global war. This is one and only reason I prayed for a Republican victory in the 2016 US Presidential election, despite all of Donald Trump’s flaws. Most people would still prefer the continuation of a fragile peace over the prospect of total war, and while the opinions of a foreigner who’s never set foot on American soil may seem irrelevant, do note that there is no doubt many Americans too organically developed this same line of thinking. When they entered the voting booths on the 8th of November they choose Donald Trump over Hilary Clinton. It is extremely important that the Democrats learn the lesson that recklessly frightening foreign policy proposals from their candidates will result in sharp political consequences.

Featured Image Credit: "Serious NRA, both of them." (Reuters/Jim Young)


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