USA The Only Western Country To Vote ‘No’ On Bill Ending Capital Punishment For LGBT And Other Groups Worldwide.

Jalil Javed
USA votes against resolution banning the death penalty.
A week ago, the United Nations Human Rights Council endorsed a bill denouncing the utilization of capital punishment in certain cases, including consensual same-sex relations. Alongside 13 other countries, the United States voted against the bill, however; the bill ultimately passed with a 27-13 edge.

India and Saudi Arabia were two of the other 13 who voted ‘No’ on the bill

“The resolution asked countries that have not yet abolished the death penalty to ensure that it is not ‘applied arbitrarily or in a discriminatory manner’ and that it is not applied against persons with mental or intellectual disabilities and persons below 18 years of age at the time of the commission of the crime, as well as pregnant women,” as indicated by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association (ILGA).
The determination does not prohibit the utilization of capital punishment, rather, it simply denounces its utilization in instances of “heresy, sacrilege, and infidelity”, as well as other comparable examples.
“It is unconscionable to think that there are hundreds of millions of people living in Nation States where somebody may be executed simply because of whom they love” Renato Sabbadini, Executive Director of ILGA said. “This is a monumental moment where the international community has publicly highlighted that these horrific laws simply must end.”
LGBT rights activists reprimanded President Donald Trump’s White House, as well as U.S. representative to the U.N Nikki Haley, for not supporting the determination. This behavior shouldn’t come as a surprise, as this is nothing new or restricted to the 45th president’s administration. The U.S. has never voted to help any U.N. measure that reduces capital punishment in any capacity. The Obama organization abstained from a comparable vote in 2014, as indicated by Buzzfeed News, however; that particular bill didn’t contain arrangements for LGBT people.
“Ambassador Haley has failed the LGBT community by not standing up against the barbaric use of the death penalty to punish individuals in same-sex relationships,” Ty Cobb, executive of Human Rights Campaign Global said in a messaged explanation after the vote, Buzzfeed detailed.
Most of the countries in which homosexuality is banned are Muslim, African, and Carribean Christian nations

While the U.S. has offered no clarification or explanation for its vote at this point in time, it unquestionably didn’t differ from longstanding convention, one that may permit sentences of the death penalty for LGBTQ people mainly due to their sexual inclinations.

Featured Image Credits: UN Photo/Pierre Albouy


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