Man Beaten To Death In India For “Watching” Festival.

Jalil Javed
A Dalit man was murdered in the western Indian territory of Gujarat, purportedly for watching individuals dance as they commended the Hindu celebration of Dussehra.
Eight men have been captured for assaulting the 21-year-old on Sunday, police disclosed to sources in Gujarat.
Some Dalits were assaulted for brandishing mustaches in the same state a week ago.
In spite of laws to prevent it, oppression remains a day by day reality for India’s roughly 200 million Dalits.

Dalit’s have not been happy with the Indian Government,

The casualty, distinguished as Jayesh Solanki, was viewing an execution of Garba, a customary move, with his cousins, when a man moved toward them, as per the police statement by Mr. Solanki’s cousin, Prakash.
“He told us how dare you come here,” Mr. Solanki alleged in the complaint. “We told him that we came to watch the Garba because our sisters and daughters were participating. But he started abusing us.”
The statement goes ahead and states that the man left before coming back with seven others, one of whom slapped Prakash. At the point when Mr. Solanki endeavored to intercede, he was dragged away and beaten.
The men supposedly flung him against a divider, making him lose conscious, but continued beating him, at according to the witness testimony.
Mr. Solanki was taken to a local clinic but was declared deceased on arrival.
Police said they have given security to Mr. Solanki’s family, who fear they may be assaulted by upper caste men for pressing together a body of evidence against the denounced.
Dalits have generally been at the base of the Hindu framework, and, as such, are generally considered to be of a lower caste.

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