Syrian Army Has Besieged The ISIS Stronghold Of al-Mayadin

Jalil Javed
Military sources from the Syrian government reported on the state TV channel, SANA, that the military had begun the siege of Al-Mayadeen; the last stronghold of ISIS South-East of Deir Azzor.
A source stated that “army units established control over Maratt al-Fouqa town to the east of the Euphrates River, and encircled IS terrorists in al-Mayadeen,” in eastern Syria.
A similar report also come in from Russian sources on the ground, who reports that the Syrian Army and its allies, including Russia and various militias, had besieged the town of al-Mayadin, located around 5 kilometers southeast of Deir Ez-Zor.
“Assault detachments of the army are conducting clearance operation on the western outskirts of Mayadeen,” RIA reported, citing its military source on the ground.
Before the operation began, the pro-government forces took the market, located due west of the city, which included the medieval Arab-Islamic fortress of Al-Rahba, as well as the areas of Savami and al-Galal, a Syrian Army general told Russian media on Saturday.
“Fierce clashes are taking place between the army and terrorists in the south of the city, where the [Syrian] troops have seized the farms of Al-Shabli and the al-Madfaiyah area,” the general said.

Featured Image Credits: Reuters/Goran Tomasevic

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