The US Will Sell a 15 Billion Dollar THAAD Missile Defence System To Saudi Arabia

Jalil Javed and Henry Kincaid
The Pentagon has put pen-to-paper on an approval for the sale of THAAD (Advanced Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense) to the Saudi Ministry of Defence.
The US has stated that they believe the $15 Billion deal was very important as it furthered the country’s national security interests.
The deal is likely to provide a huge boost to the Saudi Military who will now be ahead in the arms race against their primary enemy, Iran. The deal comes only a day after Saudi Arabia and Russia agreed that Saudi would be purchasing air defense systems from Russia.
This deal comes only a day after Saudi Arabia and Russia agreed that the Arab state would be purchasing air defense systems from the northern powerhouse.
THAAD systems are currently being deployed in South Korea to protect against a possible missile attack from North Korea. Many South Koreans have objected to this measure, fearing it would become a target and endanger the lives of those who live near its launch sites.
China also voiced opposition to the system, saying it would affect the regional security balance.
The comments were made by Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, who spoke of his opposition while attending a United Nations conference in New York last Wednesday. His opposition was specifically brought up during a meeting with South Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kang Kyung-wha, who was appointed to her position only a few months ago, in June of this year.

Featured Image Credits: US Missile Defense Agency

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