The UK Will Explore ‘No Deal’ Option For Brexit

Jalil Javed and Henry Kincaid
The UK government has set out a foundation for how it will trade with EU countries, even if they are unable to reach a satisfactory deal with Brussels. The country appears to be exploring all options in preparation for any possible outcome.
Talking to the House of Commons this Monday, Theresa May reassured her colleagues and all those present that there had been “real and tangible progress” made in the negotiations for the exit with the European Union.
Labour said “No real progress has been made” since last June’s referendum.
“The question has to be asked – What on earth has the government been doing all this time?,” said Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, suggesting that the Tory cabinet had been infighting to the extent that it was impeding negotiations on Brexit.
This meeting in the Commons comes after tumultuous times for the Conservative party and their goals for Brexit; from May’s cough-riddled, jokester-interrupted speech at the Conservative party conference, a disastrous early General Election in which the Tories lost its majority, and several months of reportedly ill-prepared, very slow negotiations with Brussels.

Featured Image Credits: Daniel Leal-Olivas/Getty

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