Russian Deputy Foreign Minister: Moscow Is Ready To Mediate Between Saudi Arabia and Iran

Jalil Javed
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Mikhail Bogdanov, has stated that Moscow is willing to mediate Between Riyadh and Tehran to de-escalate the growing hostility between the two nations.
“We tried several times and offered [to help Iran and Saudi Arabia sit down at the negotiating table], but we do not impose our intermediary role,” Bogdanov told reporters.
But we have always told our partners in both Saudi Arabia and Iran that we are ready to provide both a platform for contacts and friendly services.”
He also added that the Kremlin has repeatedly stated the urgency of the growing tensions.
“Many problems would have been much easier to resolve had there been mutual understanding and trust between Tehran and Riyadh,” Bogdanov said.
He stated that the fate of the entire region, especially in terms of counter-terrorism, depends on the two regional superpowers working together to end terrorist insurgencies, and bring peace to the region.
Bogdanov stressed that he has repeatedly told both countries that Moscow is ready to mediate. “These proposals remain on the table both with our Saudi and Iranian partners,” he said.

Featured Image Credits: Sputnik


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