British IS Terror Propagandist Killed In June Drone Strike – Sources Suggest

Jalil Javed and Henry Kincaid
Sally Anne Jones, a British woman who joined ISIS, and worked for them as their recruiter, has reportedly been killed. Jones joined the Islamist militant group back in 2013, after leaving her hometown in the British county of Kent to travel to Syria. She then joined the Islamic State after converting to Islam, and began working as their recruiter, often posting on Twitter with advice on how to travel to Syria, as well as sharing photos of herself posing with weapons.
Her death was reported by The Sun newspaper, who says that she was killed in a drone strike as far back as in June. According to one source, she was an important tool for ISIS in their campaign of recruiting foreigners on social media, and that her death would be a noticeable loss to the Islamic State’s public relations. Jones was unlikely to have been in any combat or advisory role, and so from a tactical view, her death may be less significant.
Jones, who had previously been a punk rock musician, married a jihadist by the name of Junaid Hussain, who was killed back in 2015. Her unofficial role was to recruit western girls, but she had also encouraged individuals to carry out attacks in their home countries, particularly in her native Europe.
Officials have declined to make a formal statement, but many have assured that this story is true, with US sources confident that she was killed in a drone strike back in June.

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