Moscow Calls For ‘Real’ Investigation Into ‘Staged’ Idlib Chemical Attack

Jalil Javed
According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, there is scepticism over the chemical attacks which took place in Idlib in April this year, an incident which was used by the United States as a pretext to attack the Shayrat Airbase in Syria.
Last Friday, the head of the Non-Proliferation and Arms Control Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Mikhail Ulyanov, addressed a UN Briefing in which he made the stance of Russia clear: he stated that Moscow cannot rule out the possibility of the chemical attack on Khan Sheykhoun as being a staged attack
Ulyanov also provided evidence in the form of a picture from the are of the incident back in April. The picture was that of a Crater that has formed around the area, a crater that added proof to the theory that the attack took place via a bomb detonating on the ground.
“Most likely, an improvised explosive device was located on the surface,” Ulyanov said.
Among other evidence he showed, were pictures of children saying that, if they had been exposed to Sarin, their pupils would have been dilated, which they were not
“Apparently, the children pictured in the photos were actually exposed to psychotropic substances,” Ulyanov said.
“The question arises — what actually happened in Khan Sheykhoun? Unlike some of our partners, we do not intend to categorically impose our point of view. We believe that the JIM [Joint Investigation Mission] must work out all versions, including an airstrike,” Ulyanov said.
“Russia, at the same time, expects the staged incident version to be also carefully considered since, honestly speaking, we tend more and more to opt for that version,” the diplomat added when talking about the ‘Syrian chemical dossier’ during the briefing.

Featured Image Credits: Ferhat Dervisoglu/Dogan News Agency/Reuters


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