Qatari FM Claims Saudi Arabia Wants Regime Change In His Country

Jalil Javed
The Foreign Minister of Qatar, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani, has said in an interview that Saudi Arabia wants and supports regime change in his country.
The Qatari FM claimed that an alliance of countries headed by Saudi Arabia, but also including the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt, wants to destabilize the country (Qatar) to a point where regime change becomes inevitable. Al-Thani used the four-month trade blockade as a tactic that the Saudis have used in order to undermine the oil-rich country.
“We see [Saudi] government officials talking about regime change… We see a country that is bringing back the dark ages of tribes and putting them together in order to create a pressure on connected tribes in Qatar,” the foreign minister stated.
The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt also severed ties with the Gulf nation on the accusation of Qatar supporting extremism, and for having ties with Iran with whom Saudi Arabia is very hostile.
“It is nothing to do with stopping financing terrorism or hate speech while they are doing the same by promoting incitement against my country, promoting a regime change in my country,” said al-Thani to CNBC.
Egypt, Yemen, and the UAE have also banned the Qatari state-funded news site, Al-Jazeera, from operating in their respective countries, something that Israel has also proposed. Saudi Arabia reportedly temporarily blocked access to Al Jazeera in May, but this complete ban has now been lifted. Snapchat also blocked Al Jazeera’s posts and feed from appearing on the image-based social media company’s app in Saudi, as requested by the government.

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