Spain To Start Suspending Catalonia’s Autonomy From Saturday Onwards.

Jalil Javed
After the leader of Catalonia recently made more remarks concerning their declaration of independence, officials from the Spanish Government have decided to move to suspend the autonomy of Catalonia. Ministers will be meeting on Saturday to activate Article 155, a provision that suspends autonomy and allows the Federal Government to take control of a region.
After Catalonia voted in a referendum to secede from Spain, the Catalonian Leader, Carles Puigdemont, warned that the region’s parliament would vote on independence if Spain continued to ‘hinder dialogue’. Some are fearing that this will create further unrest after both the Catalonian leaders and the Spanish Government have made moves deemed extreme by many.
The Supreme Court of Spain declared the referendum “illegitimate”, and described the country as being indivisible. Article 155, which was made a part of the new constitution of Spain three years after the death of Francisco Franco in 1975, allows the Federal Government to impose direct rule in a crisis, but as yet has never been invoked.
The Spanish Government claims that their current moves are to protect the constitution and uphold rule of law, however; Madrid appears to fear further backlash from the public, and are attempting to control any potential future damage in order to minimise the risk of large-scale protests.

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