Mississippi School to Rename From ‘Jefferson Davis’ to ‘Barack Obama’

Alvin Jon Bayle
A public elementary school named after the Confederate leader, Jefferson Davis, will be renamed to pay homage to USA’s first black president.
The school’s PTA president, Janelle Jefferson, announced that Jefferson Davis will be renamed Barack Obama Magnet International Baccalaureate Elementary next school year. This decision was chosen by the parents, staffs, and students alike.
A student of Jefferson Davis prompted the idea to the school. Afterwards, the school decided to have everyone participate and vote for who they feel had great character and made contributions to the school system.
Students began compiling their own presentations for a candidate they deemed to fit the model. They gave their presentations at an assembly just before they voted in order to educate the other students about the characteristics of each candidate.
This announcement was made during a debate over the removal of Confederate statues across the country.
Jake McGraw said that “Every generation has a right to choose how it represents itself.”

Featured Image Credits: Associated Press


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