Spanish FM on Catalonia: There Was Limited Use Of Force, Photos are Fake

Jalil Javed
The Foreign Minister of Spain, Alfonso Dastis, has claimed that very limited force was used during the Catalan referendum in Barcelona, and that a lot of the photographs that were circulated showing excessive use of force by the authorities were fake.
“I don’t think there [was] any brutal situation,”  Alfonso Dastis claimed, in an appearance he made on BBC’s Andrew Marr Show to discuss the clashes between police in the Catalonia region and the level of violence committed by the authorities.
“Many of those pictures [showing police violence] have been proven to be fake,” Dastis said, “If there was a use of force, it was a limited one.”
He still claimed that not all of the footage reported could have been possibly manipulated, yet added that “but some of [the pictures] are,” and also said that “there have been a lot of alternative facts and fake news” about the referendum.
“According to some pictures, there was some use of force. It was not a deliberate use of force, it was a provoked use of force,” the Spanish Foreign Minister said.
Over 800 people were injured during the referendum on October 1 which Madrid deemed “unconstitutional”.

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