Man Stabs Russian News Anchor In The Throat

Jalil Javed
An assailant armed with a knife forced his way into a radio station building in Moscow, and stabbed one of station’s news anchors in the throat. The woman, who worked at the Echo radio station as a host, was rushed to the hospital immediately. This is according to reports from the editor-in-chief of Echo.
Tatiana Felgenhauer’s attacker was subdued by the security at the radio station immediately after the attack, but not before the assailant blinded a guard with pepper spray and injured Felgenhauer.
A spokesperson later confirmed that Felgenhauer’s life was not in danger, and that her wounds were not fatal, however; the host has been placed in a medically-induced coma. The spokesperson also added that “the doctors said she is in a serious condition, but her life is not under a threat.”
The police say that he may have committed this attack due to a personal grudge he held with Felgenhauer, and that he has a dual Israeli-Russian citizenship. The police avoided making more statements regarding the issue.
The Echo radio station is known for being critical of the Kremlin, and for maintaining a proud liberal, independent stance; this is in stark contrast against the vast majority of other Russian media companies, most of whom are at least partially funded by the Russian state, and/or retain close ties to the Kremlin. Earlier this month, the Russian-backed television network, Rossiya 24, aired a piece that claimed that Echo were “attempting to form pro-Western positions”, and that “The selection of experts and the layout of informational and political material speaks for itself,” in regards to claims of an anti-Russian bias.
The Editor in Chief tweeted a photo of the attacker as well as citing a blog that they claimed belonged to the assailant.
Felgengauer has been an anchor since 2005 when she made her first appearance as an anchor whilst she was an intern.

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