Catalonian Pro-Independence Group Pledges Against Madrid’s “Dictatorship”

Jalil Javed
Catalonian Pro-Independence Parliamentary Group, Junts pel Sí, has pledged to its supporters that they will extensively challenge Madrid’s move to remove Catalonia’s autonomy through legal appeals.
The Catalonian political parties are planning to hold a meeting in the regional parliament on Thursday to discuss what their response should be in regards to pushes from Madrid to remove the region’s self-determination. The Spanish government is currently working on invoking Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution, a bill that would give the federal government direct control over the Autonomous regions and takes away their autonomy.
Speaking on Monday against the talks of Article 155, Lluis Corominas, the president of Junts pel Sí said:
“This is the case of the institutional violence that we are suffering from, Article 155. That’s why we are requesting a plenary session,” Corominas said. “Spain is not a democracy. Spain is acting like a dictatorship. It is doing everything to impose the law on us.”
Corominas claimed that Madrid was trying to mask their takeover of Catalonia with the use of words such as “unity”; Corominas believes that language such as this is allowing the Federal Government to take away personal liberties.

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