Human Rights Groups Raise Alarms Over The Cost Of Raqqa’s Liberation

Jalil Javed:
Rights Groups and Activists are alarmed over the dire condition that Raqqa has been left in following its liberation from ISIS, with some calling the post-war condition of the recently liberated city a “dire humanitarian situation”.
The Human Rights Watch Dogs claim they are extremely alarmed and worried about the future of the city which had served as the capital of the “Caliphate” of Daesh when the “state” was formed in January of 2014.
In an interview with RT, a spokesperson for Human Rights Watch said that the US neglected the protection of the city’s infrastructure, and were careless in their bombing campaigns in a bid to free the city faster. This has left most of the buildings in the city uninhabitable.
“ISIS has done a lot of harm not only to the inhabitants but also to the social fabric of the city. It has emptied it of doctors, nurses, teachers and all things that are badly needed by the population,” Ahmed Benchemsi, of Human Rights Watch, told RT
Add to this that the US-led coalition has waged a bombing campaign that has prioritized defeating ISIS over the need to protect the city’s infrastructure” he added.
“So, now the lingering questions are: who will get the hospitals running? Who will rebuild them? Pay doctors? Maintain equipment? Who will rebuild schools, roads and all that has been destroyed? It appears that there are little to no plans for reconstruction, and that is a major concern for us.”

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Washington’s opponents in the fight, Russia, had harsh words for the liberators, likening the bombing of Raqqa to that of the Dresden Bombings by the Allied forces in World War 2, saying:
“Raqqa’s fate calls to mind that of Dresden in 1945, levelled by the US-British bombings,” said the spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defence, Gen. Igor Konashenkov, on Sunday.
Konashenkov added that the US and its allies, the YPJ and SDF, could have avoided many casualties if they used better tactics and had been patient.
According to the United Nations, around 80% of the city is currently uninhabitable, and local monitors believe that at least 1,800 civilians were killed during the fighting.

RT And Human Rights Watch 
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