Russian Defense Minister: Islamic State Controls Less Than 5% of Syrian Territory

Jalil Javed
According to the Defence Ministry of Russia, the land under the control of ISIS has been reduced to just five percent since Russia started assisting the Syrian Arab Army in the ongoing Civil War Two years ago.
The Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, stated on Tuesday that “Islamic State currently controls less than 5 percent of Syrian territory,” 
He has also claimed that before Russia began their military operations in the region alongside Iran and the Syrian Arab Army, ISIS controlled over 70% of the territory in the region.
Shoigu continued by saying that during the now two-year-long operation, the Russian Air Force has destroyed over 1000 Training Camps belonging to Daesh, as well as over 1,500 units of military equipment belonging to Islamic State in Syria, and 700 factories and munitions manufacturing workshops producing ammunition for the militant organisation.
With “998 cities and settlements (..) liberated from terrorists,” according to the Russian Defense Minister, it appears that the war in Syria is currently heading in the direction the Russian state wants. Shoigu added that Russian forces were currently neutralizing the mines and other IEDs that Daesh had left behind, claiming disposal teams are removing as many as 1500 of these explosive objects a day.

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