Undocumented Girl Faces Deportation After Surgery In Texas

Alvin Bayle-
10-year-old Rosamaria Herandez is facing a possible deportation after illegally entering the United States from Mexico several years ago when she was 3 months old. Herandez was traveling via ambulance on Tuesday to receive an emergency gallbladder surgery when her transport was pulled over by border patrol agents in Texas.
An attorney for Rosamaria’s family, Leticia Gonzalez, said that Border Patrol agents gave way for Rosamaria and her cousin on their way to the hospital. They followed behind the ambulance that transported Rosamaria, and waited outside her room until she was ready to leave the hospital.
Agents then escorted Rosa Maria to a federal facility just moments after her surgery. The San Antonio- based facility houses undocumented minors, and is located 150 miles away from her undocumented parents. She is currently being held indefinitely.
Immigration advocates voiced their opinions by protesting her detainment. Many are demanding that Border Patrol show more discretion with undocumented children who are sick and need medical treatment.

Rosa’s parents came to the United States illegally with her to treat her cerebral palsy. Now the family is facing deportation. ACLU immigration policy strategist Astrid Dominguez stated “This isn’t an isolated case”, and that “This is a risk they have to take to get medical attention for their children”.

Featured Image Credits: NBC News

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