Turkish Protesters Gather In Istanbul To Support Detained Activists

Eleven Activists have gone on trial in Turkey on charges for terror-related offenses; these include two local Amnesty International officials, and two foreign activists.

Protest In Istanbul against in support of the Activists.

One week ago, protests were held outside the courthouse in support of the 11 activists being held in custody. The protestors were calling for their immediate release.
These trials are a continuation of systematic policial purges that have been occurring in Turkey since the failed coup of last year. The activists are accused of aiding three groups that Turkey lists as “Terrorist Organizations”, and could each face up to 15 years in prison.
Amnesty International, who adopted Erdogan in 1998 as a ‘Prisoner of Conscious’ after his arrest nearly two decades ago, is now fighting to have their Chair of Amnesty International Turkey, Taner Kılıç, be released from prison.
“From the moment of their detentions, it has been clear that these are politically motivated prosecutions aimed at silencing critical voices within Turkey,” Amnesty International’s Europe director, John Dalhuisen, said in a statement.
Among the 11 accused, is a German citizen by the name of Peter Frank Steudtner, a ‘non-violence’ and ‘wellbeing’ trainer, and Swedish citizen, Ali Gharavi, an IT consultant who was living in Turkey as a foreign national.

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