North Korea Accelerates Work On ICBM Capable Of Reaching Mainland USA.

Jalil Javed-
Sources say that North Korea is currently working on a more advanced version of their current Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile, one that would be able to hit the mainland United States. The missile is an advanced version of their current ICBM KN-20, which was first tested less than 6 months ago.
This new project to modernize the KN-20 missile is just part of an accelerated development process, headed by the North Korean Regime, in order to improve their nuclear capability as quickly as they can, according to top US military officials.
Additional new improvements are being accelerated to various other areas of the North Korean Military, including further development of their nuclear fuel, missile launchers, guidance and targeting systems, etc, according to sources who spoke to CNN.
This news has caused the US Military to contemplate further on what to do in the time they have left in order to deal with the threats from North Korea, reportedly forcing them to reassess and adapt contingency plans.
The sources for this new revelation were military officials talking to the US broadcasting network, CNN, emphasizing the importance of the information remaining classified.

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