Saudi Led Airstrike Reportedly Kills 26 Civilians In Yemen.

Jalil Javed-
A Saudi led Coalition airstrike has killed 26 civilians in rebel-held territory in Northern Yemen, local officials claim.
According to the locals, Coalition led warplanes performed an airstrike on the Sahar district of Saada province, where they bombed a hotel and a busy market. Rebel media officials claim that the area was full of civilians at that time, and that at least 26 civilians have been killed.
The Coalition, which is led by Saudi Arabia and the United States, has been at war with the Houthi Rebels for over two years.
This is not the first time a coalition airstrike has killed civilians en masse. The coalition’s actions have resulted in 683 child casualties during 2016, and they have carried out 38 attacks on schools and hospitals.
Last month, the Saudi-led coalition was included on a United Nations list of parties that kill and maim children in armed conflict.
More than 8,670 people, 60% of them civilians, have been killed and 49,900 injured in air strikes and fighting on the ground since March 2015, according to the UN. The War has also caused 20.7 million people to be left in a dire humanitarian crisis, with a recent cholera outbreak adding to the famine that has killed thousands.

Featured Image Credits: Reuters


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