Defected North Korean Diplomat: “I Did Not Want To Let My Sons Lead A Life Like Me”

Jalil Javed and Henry Kincaid- 
North Korea’s former Deputy Ambassador to the UK, who defected to South Korea in 2016, was on Christine Amanpour’s show when he claimed to have lived like “a modern slave” under the Kim Jong Un regime.
“I did not want to let my sons lead a life like me,” Thae Yong-Ho said.
Yong-Ho was in Washington D.C. where he testified before the Congress. During his time as an envoy for the DPRK regime, the senior diplomat seemingly became aware of the stark differences between the freedom that citizens of other countries enjoy, and the quality of living, or lack thereof, of the people of his own country.
To follow, Yong-Ho said that the grip of the regime has tightened even more in recent years under Kim Jong Un.
“He faced some challenges inside the leadership of North Korea,” Yong-Ho explained. “That’s why Kim Jong Un decided to show he is a man with mercilessness — so that everyone should be frightened of him.”
He claimed that his sons had always dreamed of freedom and growing up like normal children, but, given the circumstances, they were unable to raise this issue with their father.
“When they heard my decision then they were very happy, and they really appreciated that I decided to let them free.”

He also claimed that, as a diplomat, he sometimes struggled to report the whole truth to Pyongyang.
“I always report[ed] what was going on in UK and America and around the world, (…) but whenever I report[ed] those things, I always tried to keep a kind of line of loyalty to the system, and regime.”

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