Kushner Team Turns Over Documents To Mueller Investigation

Jalil Javed and Henry Kincaid- 
In the recent weeks, Jared Kushner and his team have turned in documents to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, as part of the  Russia Investigation. This comes after the investigation team began conducting witness interviews asking about the role Kushner played in the firing of James Comey, the former FBI Director.
Mr Kushner, the son in law of the President of the United States and a Senior Advisor for the White House, has been of special interest to Mueller and his team in their probe into alleged Russian interference in the American election.
Most of Kushner’s documents originate from the presidential campaign, as well as the transition period earlier this year, but many documents simply relate to anything that may be linked to contacts between the Trump Campaign and Russia.
The sources close to the White House say that Kushner is not of any special interest to the investigation, but that they want to make sure that no obstruction of justice was committed, and to know the extent of the role he played in the firing of James Comey.
Kushner turned these documents in to the Counsel voluntarily, but ultimately only at the request of Robert Mueller.

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