Several Princes and Ministers Arrested In Saudi Crackdown

Jalil Javed and Henry Kincaid-
The arrest of 11 Princes has been ordered by Saudi Arabia, as well as 4 ministers including the Minister of the National Guard and the Minister of the Economy. These arrests are said to be a part of a crackdown on corruption by Crown Prince Sulieman, Al Arabiya reports.
By the Royal Decree of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, a new anti-corruption committee was set up on Saturday. The decree appoints the crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, to lead the committee, granting the committee broad powers to fight corruption, with its duties being  “identifying offenses, crimes, persons and entities” complicit in corruption.
The committee’s first major action came only an hour after its creation, when they ordered the arrest of 11 Crown Princes, as well as many ex-Ministers.
The Minister of the National Guard, Prince Miteb bin Abdullah, and the Economy Minister, Adel Fakeih, are among those arrested. Alwaleed al-Ibrahim, the owner of television network MBC, was also detained according to an anonymous source.
The new committee headed by the Crown Prince will also comprise of the Attorney General, Audit Bureau, and many other senior Saudi government officials.

Featured Image Credits: Reuters


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