US Election 2017: Democrats Score Victories In Multiple States

Jalil Javed and Henry Kincaid-
On the first year anniversary of the election in which Donald Trump became destined to become President of the United States, Democrats have made huge strides in two votes.
The most prominent elections held this week were for the governorships of Virginia and New Jersey, both of which were won by the Democratic nominees. The role of governor in both states was left open after the incumbent governors, Chris Christie (NJ) and Terry McAuliffe (VA), chose not to run for re-election.
Critics suggested that Virginia would be a close race between the Republican nominee Gillespie and the Democrat nominee Northam. The criticisms stemmed mainly from a general mistrust in opinion polls after the 2016 election’s polls proved to be disastrously incorrect. The recent polls put Northam in a nine-point lead, and, this time, the poll was actually correct, as Northam was elected as the Governor with an 8.9% lead over his rival. Similarly, the election for Lieutenant Governor was won by Democrat Fairfax by five points, making him the Commonwealth’s second black Lt. Governor in history.
But the most important Democrat victories came in the form of the House Delegate elections for Virginia, where they flipped 14 seats to take away the Republican supermajority. In the Democrat’s best performance since 1989, Virginia also elected its first openly transgender woman as a House delegate, as well as the first two Latin House Delegates ever.
In New Jersey, the outgoing Republican Governor’s Lt. Governor, Kim Guandango, lost to the Democrat nominee, and former US Ambassador to Germany, Phil Murphy. Christie’s record low approval ratings did little to help Guandango, who lost by 13 Points.
New York City re-elected Mayor De Blasio for a second term, in a win that wasn’t a surprise to anyone in the huge liberal stronghold. Charlottesville, VA, elected Independent Candidate Nikuyah Walker, an African American, to the City Council just 88 nights after the controversial white nationalist rally took place in the city.

Featured Image Credits: Flathead Beacon


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