Putin: US Might Try To Disrupt 2018 Russian Election

Jalil Javed and Henry Kincaid-
The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, has made a statement in which he claims that he is worried that the US may attempt to cause disruption in next year’s Russian presidential election. He says that America may do this in retaliation to the allegation that Moscow interfered in the 2016 US Elections.
“In response to our alleged interference in their election, [the Americans] want to create problems with the presidential election in Russia,” Putin Stated on Thursday.
The Russian President said that he is also worried that the US might try to create a disgruntled atmosphere in the sports community during the 2018 South Korean Winter Olympic games, an event held a month before the election in Russia.
“If that’s the case, it’s very bad; it undermines the whole purpose of the Olympic movement.”
In order to do so, Washington might use its  “broad connections and dependency” mechanisms in the Olympics committee, Putin said during an official visit to the city of Chelyabinsk.
Putin also added that International sports organizations have a high dependency on Washington.
The Russian head of state gave no evidence of his claims or any specifics.
This comes after allegations were made and some evidence revealed of Russian involvement in the US elections, potentially swaying the vote.

Featured Image Credits: AP

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