EU Making Preparations For Possible Breakdown In Brexit Talks

Jalil Javed
The EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, is currently making arrangements for a possible breakdown in the negotiations for Britain leaving the EU, as stated in a recent interview.
Talking to a French Newspaper, Barnier said that he was preparing for a strategy in case the negotiations collapsed. This comes two days after Barnier gave the UK a two-day notice to address key issues. Barnier stressed that this would still be only an option of last resort.
“It’s not my option, but it’s a possibility. Everyone needs to plan for it, member states and businesses alike. We too are preparing for it technically. A failure of the negotiations would have consequences on multiple domains. A failure of the negotiations would have consequences on multiple domains.” Barnier said.
The UK’s Brexit secretary, David Davis, has said that it is important for the two parties to work together on these issues.  On Friday, Davis said that good progress was being made and that the negotiations had narrowed to a “few outstanding, albeit important, issues”.

Featured Image Credits: AFP


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