New York Subway To Replace “Ladies and Gentlemen” With Gender-Neutral Announcements

Jalil Javed
MTA, The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, has announced plans to replace “Ladies and Gentlemen” with gender-neutral phrases in the announcements at the New York Subway.
Instead of “Ladies and Gentlemen”, passengers on the subways and buses in New York will hear gender-non-specific words such as “passengers,” “riders,” and “everyone,” in announcements.
“We’re fundamentally changing the way we talk with riders to give them better and clearer information,” MTA spokesperson Jon Weinstein told WCBS.
A memo that was recently circulated by the MTA amongst its employees detailed these plans. Other new policies include the conductors reminding people of important national dates as well as a policy to point out some significant landmarks to passengers on buses.
This new policy change has been received with mixed reactions,. For some, the move is too political, while others see it as an inclusive and open measure.
Criticisms have been made regarding the MTA’s push for these new measures while seemingly neglecting to make improvements to the city’s general transportation infrastructure.
After much campaigning from the LGBT ‘community’, London transport made a similar decision when it decided to replace the use of “Ladies and Gentleman” in July.

Featured Image Credits: Reuters


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