Robert Mugabe Detained After Bloodless Coup In Zimbabwe.

Jalil Javed
The Military of Zimbabwe has detained the 93 year old president of the country after taking over the state TV as well as other strategic buildings in Harare, in what appears to be a coup.
However, the Military is not saying that it has deposed Mugabe, instead, saying on state tv that they have begun the process of restoring democracy in the country, whilst also claiming that Mugabe and his family are safe.

South Africa and other neighboring countries are sending in leaders to negotiate with Mugabe and the generals to encourage the transition.
The final straw for the military came last week when Mugabe decided to depose his deputy, after which the military has taken over in what they claim is a process to eliminate corrupt elements around the President and the ruling party.
Mugabe has been the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe for the last 37 years.

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