Bitcoin Reaches Record High

Jalil Javed
Bitcoin reached has achieved its record high after reaching a value of almost $8,000. Bitcoin collectively is now worth over 130 billion Dollars, making it bigger than large companies like British Tobacco and Total.
“I recommended bitcoin in 2011 at $3 with a price target of $100,000. The price has been compounding at approximately one percent a day for this entire run and will continue to do so until it reaches $100,000 when I foresee the price leveling off,” Max Keiser, host of financial program ‘Keiser Report’ said.
Keiser, a financial expert, previously said that Bitcoin would reach a total value of 1 Trillion in the near future.
In recent weeks, the value of Bitcoin has fluctuated quite a lot. Reaching a record high of 7,882 On November 8 and then plummeting to 5,519 on Sunday. And now it has peaked its value from November 8 reaching almost 8,000 Dollars.

Featured Image Credits: Bloomberg

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