Keystone Pipeline Closed After Major Oil Spill

Jalil Javed
The Keystone Pipeline in Dakota has been closed after a massive oil spill which caused a 200,000-gallon leak to occur on Thursday in Marshall County, South Dakota.
According to TransCanada, the company that operates the pipeline, workers had “completely isolated” the section and “activated emergency procedures” after the operators noticed a drop in the pressure at around 5:45 AM.
The Keystone pipeline, which is 3,000 miles long, and goes all the way from the oil fields in Alberta, Canada to Missouri and Oklahoma, United States, will remain closed until the leak was fixed, the company said.
In 2015, the pipeline was blocked by President Obama as part of his administration’s preparation for the UN climate-change talks in Paris. But less than a week after his inauguration, President Trump ordered that decision reversed.

Featured Image: Reuters


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