Iraq Supreme Court Declares Kurdish Independence Referendum Unconstitutional

On Monday, The Supreme Court of Iraq declared that the Kurdish Independence Referendum, that took place in the country’s Kurdish autonomous region in September, was unconstitutional.
According to a statement, the court “rendered a decision declaring unconstitutional the referendum held on Sept 25, 2017, in Iraqi Kurdistan… and canceling all the consequences and results that resulted”.
This comes after an announcement from the United Nations saying that the Iraqi Government and the regional leaders of Kurdistan should set a timetable for talks to end the crisis. The UN’s decision came after the Iraqi Government dismissed an offer from Iraqi Kurdish leaders to freeze the results of the referendum and hold negotiations; an offer that the Iraqi government rejected as it wanted the annulment of the referendum.
The court ruling also claimed that it respected a previous decision insisting on Iraqi unity, which should be the basis of all dialogues in the future.

Featured Image Credits: Reuters


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