Merkel’s Chancellorship In Doubt After Coalition Talks Collapse

Ongoing negotiations to form a coalition government led by Angela Merkel have taken a heavy blow after the FDP, one of the three parties in coalition talks, decided to withdraw from the negotiations. The FDP, a free market democratic party was negotiating for four weeks in order to create a coalition led by Angela Merkel’s CDU, and the Greens.
Merkel claims that she regrets the collapse in the talks. What happens next is also unclear as the President, Frank-Walter Steinmeie, has the power to call elections. This is arguably the biggest challenge that Merkel has faced in her 12 years long Chancellorship.
Merkel’s Bloc won in the September election. However, many voters deserted the mainstream parties in this Election.
“As chancellor, I will do everything to ensure that this country is well managed in the difficult weeks to come,” she said.
It’s not quite clear what went wrong in the negotiations, but many believe the parties are heavily divided on major issues such as tax, asylum, and environmental policies.
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