American, South Korean Soldiers Decorated For Saving North Korean Defector

The soldiers involved in the rescue of an injured North Korean fleeing across the border have been awarded medals, according to U.S. Forces Korea.

US Forces Korea (USFK) said that six soldiers, three South Korean, and three more American, had been awarded the Army Commendation Medal as a recognition of their efforts in rescuing the North Korean defector.
According to the USFK Facebook page, the medals were personally awarded to the soldiers by USFK Commander Vincent Brooks in a ceremony on Thursday. The six soldiers were involved in dragging a North Korean defector to safety during a rescue in the DMZ on the North Korean/South Korean border; the defector was a DPRK soldier, and had been shot multiple times on his attempt to cross the heavily guarded demilitarised zone.
The North Korean soldier is now in a stable condition after multiple surgeries.
Featured Image: NPR

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