Report: Less Than A Quarter Of Catalans In Favour Of Independence

In a new poll published by Madrid based newspaper El Pais on Monday, it was revealed that barely a quarter of the Catalan population wants to continue on the path of seeking independence from Spain, in the wake of the December 21st regional elections being announced.
According to a poll published by Metroscopia in El Pais, only 24% of the Catalan population stated that they would seek a path to independence after the regional elections take place on December 21st. Further, 71% said that they would rather prefer the soon-to-be-elected regional leaders to negotiate with Madrid, and stay a part of Spain.
The results indicate that the pro-independence parties may end up losing the absolute majority in the Catalan Parliament after the election later next month.
The telephone poll surveyed 1,800 citizens of Catalonia between Nov. 20 and Nov. 22, and was published by El Pais, the most widely circulated newspaper in Spain.

Featured Image Credits: EPA

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