Bosnian War General Dies After Drinking Poison At Hague Tribunal

An ex-Bosnian Croat general has committed suicide in the wake of taking a toxic substance amid the reading of his court verdict at the International Criminal Court in the Hague, the AP reports, referring to Croatian state TV.
The 72-year old Slobodan Praljak, a Bosnian war leader, was seen drinking from a hidden bottle inside what appears to be a pen, during the reading of his court verdict. The defence team at that point told the court that the convicted Slobodan had “taken poison” The judge then ceased the procedures and requested a specialist to be called.

Just before drinking the poison, the former general had heard that his twenty-year sentence for charges of war crimes were to be upheld. Praljak, one of six officials behind the Bosnian War having their verdict heard at the Hague, told the judge that he wasn’t “a war criminal.”
Prajlak requested the destruction of Mostar’s sixteenth-century bridge on November 1993, in an act that “made lopsided harm to the  regular Muslim populace.”
Many of the Bosnian War generals were indicted in 2013 for the oppression and murder of Muslims during the Bosnian war.

Featured Image: AFP

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