Houthi Radio Alleges Ex-President Saleh Killed

On Monday, the radio broadcasting service of the rebel-run Interior Ministry of Yemen claimed that ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh had been killed during fighting in the Yemeni Capital city of Sanaa. Although, there has been no independent confirmation of this story as of yet.
Saleh, who was a war ally of the Houthis, but then turned into their adversary, recently came out calling for dialogue between the rebels and the Saudi-led coalition.
However, now the rebel-run radio station has said that they will soon be airing footage of Saleh’s dead body on Houthi TV. The footage, which has been circulated through the internet by social media users in Yemen, shows a body which is alleged to be that of Saleh.
Saleh’s Party denies the rumours, and claims that Saleh is still leading the fighting that has claimed 125 lives in Sanaa over the last six days.

Featured Image: Reuters
Source: Reuters

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