Firefighters Near-Powerless In Battle Against California Infernos

The Californian wildfires that have devasted a vast region of the United States, have taken for the worse as increased winds have caused the flames to spread faster, leaving the fire crews in a weakened position to defeat it.
According to the Associated Press, the fires have consumed at least 750 buildings, pushed hundreds of thousands from their homes, and “killed dozens of horses”.
The six separate fires burning in the area have destroyed over 250 square miles, and are still uncontrolled, leading to growing fears regarding the further damage that will almost certainly be caused by the infernos.
A mix of dry plants and arid landscapes, on top a season of basically no rain, is the main cause of the blaze, and increasingly high winds have caused these fires to grow further and faster than previously predicted.
According to the National Weather Service, the gusts were expected to reach 50mph (80kph) over the weekend.
As with the case of most natural disasters being supported by complimentary weather patterns, there is very little the fire services can do to halt the fire at the moment. The size and rate of expansion appears to be simply too great to currently be contained by the crews.
The fire has spread to beach-front properties and mountainous forests alike, and almost nothing that has been engulfed by the flames is expected to have survived the fire.

Featured Image Credits: Getty

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