Parents Appalled By Hitler-Themed School Curriculum

Students in an 8th-grade school in Northern Illinois were given a class assignment featuring an Adolf Hitler-themed pony with a swastika, leading to outrage from the student’s parents.
The class assignment was given to the students at Woodland Middle School in Gurnee, Illinois during a language, arts, and social studies lesson. The assignment was titled ‘If You Give a Hitler a Country’. The students were required “to create a comic strip for little kids” to tell them about “Europe’s appeasement towards Hitler.”

The content of the assignment was discovered by a student’s mother, leading to other parents growing outraged at such activities taking place at the school.
“There’s got to be a better way to teach our kids about the horrific things Hitler did,” the mother said.
One of the Jewish students refused to do complete the assignment; NBC quoted this boy as saying:
“All of us were shocked and then some kids were being a bit immature and trying to make this assignment a little bit funny and it’s disgusting.”
The teacher and the school board have both since apologized for the incident.
Featured Image: © Kelly Masterton / Facebook

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