United Nations: Saudi-Led Coalition Airstrikes Have Killed 136 in Yemen In 11 Days

According to the United Nation’s Human Rights Council, the military coalition between Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Senegal, and Sudan (and, until recently, Qatar) has killed 136 people in the neighboring Gulf state of Yemen, a country that has been in a state of civil war, as well as conflict with members of the outside world, since 2015.
Rupert Colville, Spokesman for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, has said that the United Nations is “deeply concerned” about the rising numbers of civilian casualties in the growing conflict, particularly after the killing of Yemen’s ex-President, Ali Abdullah Saleh, early in December. Saleh was killed by Houthi rebels, a major belligerent in the conflict, and a faction currently at war with the Saudi-led coalition.
The coalition airstrikes have hit a large number of areas mostly populated by civilians, despite some of them having potential tactical importance; these include the building that houses Houthi Yemen’s state tv network, Al-Masira, a civilian wedding, and Hodeida, a port city by the Red Sea.
A series of missile strikes also hit a police compound being used to house prisoners. All of the deceased were Saleh loyalists, despite the coalition’s support of Ali Abdullah Saleh before his death.
Since the war began in 2015, 10,000 people have been killed, with many more displaced, by the Saudi-coalition’s airstrikes. As a result, international efforts from figures from various walks of life; from faith leaders, to Nobel-prize winning authors, have taken to calling on some of the world’s most influential and important world leaders to oppose the collation efforts in Yemen.

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