Missile Fired Toward Saudi Arabian Capital, Riyadh, Targeted “al-Yamama Palace”- Houthis

Alvin Jon Bayle- 
Saudi Arabia’s air defenses were able to intercept a ballistic missile heading towards the capital, Riyadh, on Tuesday. There are no reports of casualties, as stated by the Saudi-led coalition, but it was also not the first attack by the Iran-allied rebel group, Houthis, in Yemen. One of the spokesmen for the Houthi movement stated that the missile was targeting the royal court at al-Yamama palace during a meeting with Saudi leaders. It also took place just before the country’s annual budget was to be announced in a news conference with senior ministers.
This missile is among one of many that the Houthis have fired towards Saudi Arabia unsuccessfully, causing no serious damage.

The Center for International Communication on Twitter wrote that there are no casualties at this time.
The Houthis have been against the Saudi-led coalition for some years, particularly after the coalition decided to bomb them in Yemen in order to halt their movement. Saudi Arabia has continuously bombed Yemen, killing over 10,000 people over the years, all as a result of the struggle for influence between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Featured Image Credits: Houthi Video

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