Report Claims Trump Considered Pulling Neil Gorsuch Nomination

Alvin Jon Bayle- 
According to sources, namely those from the Washington Post, Donald Trump was unhappy with Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch distancing himself from the president in a private meeting back in February. Gorsuch had disclosed to Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) that he was disheartened by Trump’s attacks on the federal judiciary, as he considered them to be very demoralizing. At the time of the meeting, Gorsuch had not yet been sworn in.
Trump was concerned that Gorsuch would be unable to uphold his loyalty, and that if Gorsuch was to turn on him, Trump reportedly knew other judges who would want the job of Supreme Court Justice.
On Tuesday, President Trump took to Twitter to deny the claims from Washington Post, and to clarify that it was simply “fake news”.

Featured Image Credits: Reuters

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