South Korean President Proposes Talks With North Korea For Diplomatic Solution To Troubles

During a cabinet meeting in Seoul on Tuesday, the President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, welcomed the reported willingness of Kim Jong Un to enter peace talks whilst also calling for arrangments to be made swiftly to allow for a North Korean team to participate in theĀ 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
In his New Year’s address a few days ago, Kim Jong Un said that his country was now able to strike the mainland United States with its weaponized nuclear capabilities. Un also called “for (a) peaceful resolution with our southern border.” Pushing for peace on the Peninsula, the North Korean leader said that he would be interested in sending a team of representatives as well as a sports team for, and to compete in, the coming Winter Olympics.
Moon, who has called for closer diplomatic ties and a peaceful resolution to the Korean crisis, said that Kim’s remarks were “a response to our proposal to turn the Pyeongchang Olympic Games into an epoch-making opportunity to improve inter-Korean relations and establish peace.”

Featured Image Credits: AP

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