White House Moves To Sharply Increase Offshore Drilling Operations

The Trump administration is readying to make moves that would hand out more rights allowing energy companies to begin crude oil extraction in regions such as the Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Sea, and the eastern Gulf of Mexico. The move, which is set to be unveiled in the coming days, would also safety standards for rigs and operations to be relaxed, likely lowering the costs of drilling, while potentially increasing the risk of fires and oil spills.
In the most expansive proposal of its kind in decades, the Trump administration may even look to see the rights to drilling in the Pacific Ocean sold off.
As with Barack Obama, President Trump will almost certainly see an overt pushback against the policy, but unlike his predecessor, Trump is much less likely to scrap the proposed plans.
Sierra Weaver, a senior attorney at the conservationist Southern Environmental Law Center, said that “the [east] coast woke up last time around, and they definitely know what’s at stake, they know they need to raise their voices, and they now know what their coast is worth.

Featured Image Credits: AP


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