Two-Part Immigration Reform Could Be On The Table- Trump

President Trump has gone into increased detail about how his proposed immigration reforms could take place. The 71-year-old brought up this subject during a meeting with several bipartisan lawmakers.
According to the president, his reforms could come in two parts. The first would be to tackle perceived issues surrounding the now deceased Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or, ‘Dreamers’ program, which Trump pulled the plug on in September 2017. Part of this policy change would be to establish what exactly would happen to all of those who were assisted by the program, some 800,000 children, many of which from Central America.
The second part would be to make several other changes to the immigration system as a whole, though details remained scarce.
Talk of a US-Mexico Border wall was also brought up again. While Trump ran, quite famously, on a policy of building the controversial wall, little evidence remains to suggest that the construction of this massive engineering and defense project is high in the priorities of the current administration. The recent border wall-talk came in the form of Trump stressing the need for funding for this project; it is quite possible that included within the two-part plan lies at least partial plans for a southern border wall.
Noticeably, Trump said that this policy change, coming in the form of a deal, would be necessary in order to protect the hundreds of thousands of children and young people currently looking at the possibility of deportation.

Featured Image Credits: AP


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