Turkey Says US Troops May Be Targeted In Military Operations

The Turkish Deputy Prime Minister, Bekir Bozdag, has warned that US troops fighting alongside Kurdish Militias in Kurdish uniforms may be targetted during ‘Operation Olive Branch‘ due to the difficulty to distinguish in the heat of battle.
This warning comes as the Turkish forces are advancing and gaining ground against the Kurdish forces in the enclave of Afrin.
Turkey has issued warnings in the past against the US arming the Militias, who are designated as terrorist groups by the Ankara government.
Bozdag, speaking to CNN Turk, said that US troops embedded with the YPG forces wearing YPG uniforms, or “terrorists’ clothes” as Bozdag put it, would be at risk of injury or even death, as “there is no chance that we [will] make a distinction at this point.”
He added:
“We are clearly saying that we do not want to confront our ally, the United States. I am sure that they do not want to face Turkey and Turkish armed forces,”
There have been reports in the media that suggest that the US special forces have used Kurdish Gear to fight alongside the Militias in their fight against ISIS.

Featured Image: AFP

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