Activists Demand Arrest Of Saudi Prince For Alleged War Crimes Ahead Of Visit

The London Metropolitan Police has accidentally confirmed a state visit by Prince Muhammad Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia this March.
The mistake announcement has led to activists campaigning, once again, for the arrest of the Crown Prince upon his arrival for alleged war crimes committed in Yemen.
A collection of human rights groups including the Campaign Against Arms Trade, the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy, and Human Rights for Yemen had previously failed in their joint attempts to persuade May to cancel the visit
Lily Chamberlain of the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy said that the PM Theresa May was “prioritizing business and trade over the lives of Yemeni civilians.”
Chamberlain said: “She evidently would rather facilitate the continued arms trade than take basic actions to secure the human rights of the innocent people affected,”
Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry also spoke out on the issue, saying that Prime Minister May needs to stop ‘bowing down’ to the Saudis.

Featured Image: Reuters

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