Large Security Operation Begins In Egypt, Targets Insurgents

A security operation involving all major branches of the Egyptian military has been launched to counter the seemingly growing threat of Islamic insurgent militias.
The campaign is focussed on various areas of the North African country; from the western border with Libya to the eastern region of Northern Sinai, the operation is targeting “terrorist and criminal elements and organizations“, according to Col. Tamer el-Rifaai in a televised statement.
The scale of the military operation is huge and has already led to the deaths of multiple insurgents. At least 20 were killed during a raid in Bir al-Abd, and reports suggested that the operation has been targeting insurrectionists in Rafah.
el-Rifaai has also stated that airstrikes have been carried out by the airforce in both northern and southern Sinai.
Egypt has suffered from dozens of attacks from various groups over the past two decades, however; the four most recent, three of which involved places of worship and the other a religious group, are among the deadliest.
In November of last year, Egypt witnessed its worst attack in history; 40 armed attackers killed 311 and injured at least 122 in around al-Rawda Mosque in Northern Sinai

Featured Image Credits: AP

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