Bipartisan Senate Immigration Bill Threatened By Potential White House Veto

The White House has suggested that President Trump might veto any bipartisan legislation that would act as a compromise between both sides of a debate regarding immigration and border security.
The compromise would support both the ‘Dreamers’, children and young people who entered the country under DACA initiative, and the construction of a US-Mexico border wall, among other measures related to border security. The bill would give Trump the starting funds required for construction, $25 billion, but only over the course of 10 years as opposed to up front.
The bill, while providing Trump’s funds, would put the feasibility of a border wall even further under the spotlight, as the intermittent funding might prove a problem in the long-run.
The White House called the compromise a “dangerous policy that will harm the nation“, and suggested that if the bill were to pass, President Trump would likely veto it, brinding the entire process back the drawing board.
In regards to the ‘Dreamers’, Trump planned to give the 1.8 million applicants a 10-to-12 year process to earn citizenship, but only under the understanding that his wall would receive up-front funding. The bipartisan compromise follows much the same plan but drops the up-front funding in favor of a decade-long scheme.
Despite the similarities both proposed measures have, there is still contentious debate surrounding the topic of the wall and the ‘Dreamers’, with many only able to support one; either the wall or the ‘Dreamers’, but not the other.

Featured Image Credits: AP

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